Cueva de Can Marca

Cueva de Can Marça, Ibiza

If you're looking for a different kind of Ibiza day trip then why not get away from the beaches and bars and visit the Cueva de Can Marça? A truly fascinating outing for all ages just a little way west from Ibiza's northern resort of Portinatx.

Before entering the caves you can take in the most breathtaking views over the coast at Puerto de San Miguel. The Cuevas de Can Marça are made up of lots of adjoining underground caves which were once used by smugglers to hide their goods. The eery ambience is made even more spectacular with a hi-tech light and music show, perfectly timed with the guided tour.

Once down in the caves there are some unforgettable geological rock formations dating back 100,000 years. You can see where water once used to run and admire the enormous 30 foot waterfall which plunges down to the depths of the caverns, conjuring up what life used to be like down in the Cuevas de Can Marça.

You can visit the caves throughout the year:-
Summer Opening Hours: 10.30am-7.30pm
Winter opening Hours: 11am-5pm