Ibiza Safety & Emergencies

Ibiza is generally considered a safe island with a friendly local community. However, just like anywhere else in the world, you need to keep you wits about you and use common sense to make sure you don't fall prey to petty crime like pick-pocketing and bag snatching. Especially in the summer months, thieves see the influx of carefree happy holidaying tourists that arrive on the island as a perfect target. Take special care when in the tourist hotspots like Ibiza town and San Antonio de Portmany. With a little forward thinking, Ibiza safety shouldn't be a problem.

  • Take a peek at our handy Ibiza safety tips and make sure you don't get caught out:

    Some Personal Safety Tips:
  • Always keep an eye on your belongings.
  • Use purses with zipsand sling them across your chest instead of over one shoulder.
  • Consider buying a money belt, which fits comfortably under your clothes and holds all of your important documents and money.
  • If you rent a car, make sure everything is out of sight and never leave anything of value- not even in the boot.
  • Don't carry all of your valuable items- passport, money, credit cards- in one pocket. Leave photocopies of important documents in a different place and if possible, use your front pockets instead of your back pockets.
  • Carry around a copy of your passport and leave the original in a safe in your hotel.
  • Only take cash with you that you plan to spend that day and when possible, avoid going to ATM's alone.
  • Be especially careful in crowded tourist hotspots and on the beach - never leave valuables unattended


Emergencies: 112
Ambulance: 061
Civil Guard: 062
Fire Brigade (Ibiza Town): (0034) 971 31 30 30
Red Cross: (0034) 971 390 303
Sea Emergencies: (0034) 900 202 202

National Police Force in Ibiza Town:
Tel: (0034) 971 39 88 31

Local Police:
Ibiza Town: (0034) 971 315 861
San Antonio de Portmany (0034) 971 340 830
Santa Eularia (0034) 971 330 841


Ibiza Airport:
Address: 07820 Ibiza
Tel: (0034) 902 404 704

Ibiza Bus Companies

Visas, Embassies & Consulates


If you have a credit card mishap and need to make a cancellation, call these numbers:

American Express: 902 37 56 37
Mastercard: 900 97 12 31 (toll-free) or 915 19 21 00
Visa: 900 99 11 24 (toll-free) or 915 19 60 00


National Health Service:

Ibiza Town: (0034) 971 391 632
San Antonio de Portmany: (0034) 971 345 102
Santa Eulalia: (0034) 971 345 102

Hospitals and Clinics:

Hospital Policlínica del Rosario
Tel: (9934) 971 391 916

Hospital Can Misses
Tel: (0034) 971 397 000