Ibiza Bus Travel

Ibiza bus travel is a straightforward, comfortable and affordable way to see the island.

Whilst many people enjoy the freedom that hiring a car gives them, if you feel unsure on foreign roads and prefer not to spend your time map reading, then you can rely on Ibiza bus travel to get you to your destination. There are several very efficient bus services with regular transportation between Ibiza's biggest cities, great beaches and little towns.

The following companies operate on routes from Ibiza town and various different areas of the island, see the list below to plan your journey and make sure you catch the right bus you can check out timetables and route plans on www.ibizabus.com:

  • Autobuses Lucas Costa
  • Autobuses Empreseas H.F Vilas
  • Autobuses San Antonio
  • Autobuses Voramor El Gaucho