Cheap Flights to Ibiza

Package deals and budget flights are two of the most common ways to get to Ibiza. Cheap flights to Ibiza can be found from numerous destinations throughout Europe, however, it can get pretty pricey if you're looking to travel from further afield. By far the best value option is to book early and pick up a direct flight to Ibiza. Flights are generally cheaper during the winter months when there is less demand, however, it is worth taking into account that many cheap flight companies only offer flights to Ibiza between May and October. Low cost airlines offer a no frills service which makes travel accesible to everyone. Many cheap flight companies also have seasonal sales, so if you know you're definitely going to Ibiza then keep a regular look out at the following websites and pick up an extra cheap deal.

Check out the following companies for cheap flights to Ibiza:

Air Berlin
BMI Baby
Jet 2
Monarch Air