Balearic Island Ferries

Travelling by boat is another popular option and there are several services which run Balearic Island ferries between the islands, as well as to mainland Spain.

Travelling around the Balearic Islands by ferry varies in price depending when you want to go, what speed boat you opt for and how luxurious you want the accommodation to be. If you are travelling from mainland Spain you may often find that it works out more economical to catch a cheap flight to Ibiza, however, ferry may be your best option if you want to island hop.

Balearic Island ferries run more frequently during the summer months (May-October) when there are frequent arrivals and departures between Ibiza (Ibiza Town and San Antonio), Mao (Menorca), Palma (Mallorca) and Formentera.

From mainland Spain most Balearic Island ferries leave from Barcelona (8-11hours depending on type of boat) and Valencia (3.5-6 hours) and Denia on Spain's Costa Blanca (3-5 hours).

There are two well known Balearic Island ferry companies which run services throughout the year, but there is more extensive timetbale during the summer.

Ferries connecting Ibiza with Denia, Palma, Barcelona and Formentera.

Ferries connecting Ibiza with Barcelona, Valencia, Maó (Menorca), Palma de Mallorca.